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I got inspired by :iconghost-peacock:, who did this meme a while back: Pro, Cicely and Assurdita
It was very entertaining, and it was a great way to learn about her characters! I decided to give it a try because it can really show how I developed my characters over time. (Over the years I had them, I made changes and now I'm proud of who they are.)
Since I recently wrote full bios for my characters Miss Butterfly and Scarlett in text only, I will use this meme for them only. I had a lot of thought on these two. Once I finish the bios for my other characters (Who knows when I'll have the time...) I'll give it a shot. If anyone notices anything different from my characters than how they were in the past, it's because I made changes into them, and I'm happy with the changes.

Just a little update for all my watchers. Next week I'm going somewhere with my family for Thanksgiving and I won't take my laptop. I will take my phone, but either I won't reply on here or only a little bit. Since I'll hardly do much on here next week, I wanted to post things til then, which includes this meme. Nonetheless, a happy Thanksgiving to you all next week!

Well anyway, enjoy! I had fun doing this, and I loved showing their personalities through this.

1) What's your name?
Miss Butterfly: My full name is Cristina Charlotte Butterfly Trotter. I'm just known as Miss Butterfly.
Scarlett: Scarlett Megan Trotter.

2) Do you know why you were named that?
Miss Butterfly: I have no idea other than the fact that my parents enjoyed the names. I have to admit, Cristina and Charlotte are classy sounding. I'm proud of my first and middle name. :aww:
Scarlett: Mommy told me after I was born, she and the rest came up with Scarlett fast.

3) Are you single or taken?
Miss Butterfly: I'm single. It's cool though. I never really wanted to be in a relationship. Honestly, I care more about having a friend than a lover. I'm happy with my life. :D Plus, I feel like Elsa. I didn't end up with a man, but problems were resolved and I became happy with my life. We can relate, and I find that cool!
Scarlett: Bleh! Ew! Gross! Course, I'm single! I don't wanna be taken! Lovey stuff is gross!

4) Do you have any abilities or powers?
Miss Butterfly: Flying is always a great ability! It's fun. Plus, I remember how much James loved it when he rode in my back and I'd fly. It was an adventure to both of us. :love: And now, Scarlett loves it!
Scarlett: Web-making!!! They're so pretty! Mommy and I make webs together!:la: And.... that's it. I dunno what else I can do.

5) Stop being a mary-sue.
Miss Butterfly: Me? A Mary-Sue? What a laugh! I hate mary sues.
Scarlett: ...Did you just call me something bad? I'll BITE YOU!!!

6) If you were to get in a fight with a strong wrestler, do you think you'd win?
Miss Butterfly: I may be brave, but I have no strong muscle strength like a strong wrestler. So... no.
Scarlett: No but you just put me in a competitive mood now! But no thanks, I don't think I can do THAT...

7) Have any family members?
Miss Butterfly: James and the bugs! I can get along with Miss Spider, Mr. Grasshopper and Mrs. Ladybug well. Especially Miss Spider! I'm fine with Earthworm and Glowworm, but we're hardly that close. Centipede... we have to argue at least a thousand times a day. Ah well, still gotta love that guy. :D Of course, Scarlett is someone precious to me!
Scarlett: :glomp: Yay! I love Miss Butterfly. Well anyway, same answer as hers. Two of the family members she said are my Mommy and Daddy!

8) How about pets?
Miss Butterfly: Not right now, but I do love puppies, kittens and bunnies. Such cuties! :love: I would take in a stray animal if I could. They deserve love. :heart:
Scarlett: *-* I want one SO bad! Maybe I can get a little wolf! I can raise it to be JUST like me! It'll be like having 2 of me around! It'll be great!

9) Tell us something that you dislike?
Miss Butterfly: Centipede's stupid pranks. I remember that one night when I was asleep on the couch because I was too tired to walk up stairs to my room... the next morning I was outside on the couch. The sprinklers turned on! I was soaked that day. -_- I don't know HOW Centipede moved that WHOLE couch and myself all the way outside WITHOUT me waking up.. I would get back at him eventually. It's fun!;) Back to the subject, I generally hate being annoyed.
Scarlett: Getting in trouble. It ruins the fun! Getting punished is BORING! Being at home with nothing to do in my room while my friends are out watching movies or something... no way. :c At least until I open the window of my room and crawl out... only to get caught by Mommy again. My motto is normally "Hi Mommy!:D Aren't I awesome at climbing walls? I must be web-tastic!" and I get sent to my room again. That's something else I don't like! My motto not working! Oooh,... and how can I forget? I also hate skeletons, rhinos and sharks! Daddy tells me they are evil! I could never like them! Okay.. I don't like a lot of things.

10) Something that you don't do well?
Miss Butterfly: Academics. Definitely. They're usually hard for me to comprehend. Ask me to tutor someone? No. Just no. I'm the wrong woman to ask for help on academics. I mean it's not that I don't understand anything; I'm just street smart, not completely book smart. I guess that's why sometimes conversations with Mr. Grasshopper gets me half lost. I just wasn't educated with facts all that much as a young girl. I learned some, but not too much. History and science are my weaknesses.
Scarlett: Keeping myself out of... trouble. ^^; I remember that one Halloween when me and some of my friends from school went trick or treating, and we only got ONE candy from a house. Just one! And it was a good one too! We wanted more! We climbed up the roof and went through the chimney... we scared those neighbors BAD!!! They thought Santa Claus came 2 months too early because of that giant bag we had and well.. going through the chimney. Later they told all our parents. -_- I was the one who thought of the idea AND got all of us up the rooftop. I crawled up, made a long web that helped everyone else climb up and from there, we jumped in. Daddy was proud my smartness! Mommy on the other hand wasn't.

11) Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?
Miss Butterfly: I own a boutique. French fashion is wonderful inspiration. :love: What I do mostly as a hobby is sketching out designs, So fun!!!:D I'm a very active lady!
Scarlett: Competing with others! It can be about singing, or sports, or dancing, or whose best at pranking the neighbors! I fail at most... except the pranks. ;) At least, before getting in trouble.

12) Have you ever hurt anyone in anyway before?
Miss Butterfly: A few times before my parents and sisters perished, we lived close to the hill James lived in with those two witches; Spiker and Sponge. I felt sad about James for being abused and at the same time, I was curious about him. I HAD to learn more about him. I wanted to get closer to the hill, but my parents disliked the idea. So, I sneaked out and... I put myself in grave danger. I was able to survive and get back, my family found out and were disappointed in me for disobeying them many times. I couldn't help it though. It's just, I wanted to know more about James.
Scarlett: I... don't know. :c Maybe the way I act around everyone is... harsh sometimes. Guess I have lots to learn...

13) Ever... killed anyone before?
Miss Butterfly: No and I have no intentions to. But heck, sometimes I can picture Centipede on the other hand wanting to kill me if he ever found out I actually wanna hang out with Jack Skellington! Sure, that whole pirate skeleton incident, but after hearing about Halloweentown, I'm just too curious to resist! It'd be so much fun to have adventures there! ...Okay, I just got off topic. Sorry about that. Point is, the answer is no. Never killed anyone, and never will. I don't have the heart to. I can get mad, but I can never kill.
Scarlett: ...O_O I can't even LISTEN to the word kill! No, no, no! It reminds me of spider killers. Just no...

14) What kind of animal are you?
Miss Butterfly: I'm a monarch butterfly. Look at these lovely wings. :love:
Scarlett: I'm a spider like mommy. :D We're the prettiest spiders out there! And sexy! I don't see why Mommy doesn't like it when I say it.. I mean Daddy taught me that word!
Miss Butterfly: *Mutters* Centipede must be rolemodel of the year...

15) Name your worst habits.
Miss Butterfly: Normally I love being in a cheerful mood, but when I'm mad... I'm very much temperamental. Another habit.. well like I said, I used to sneak out a lot and get into danger. My parents believed I was stubborn because I didn't want to stop and I was very much determined, even if it lead to danger. 
Scarlett: This is a shocker, but some people say I'm a 'showoff' and 'troublemaker'.

16) Do you look up to anyone at all?
Miss Butterfly: James. So much younger than me, and yet was able to be more mature in the journey than I ever could have been. I was indifferent with everyone except him at the very beginning, and he on the other hand expressed kindness better than I have. And plus, his bravery impressed me. I love that sweetie! He's like a precious little brother to me. :heart:
Scarlett: My Mommy. She may punish me for doing wrong things, but she loves me. I can tell her anything, and she listens to me! She wants to teach me how to do so many things. She loves making pretty webs with me, and going out at night with me. I love her so much. I wanna be like as beautiful and smart as her. :love:

17) Sex?
Miss Butterfly: Uh, what now?
Scarlett: What does that mean? Is it the same as 'sexy'?

18) Do you go to school?
Miss Butterfly: No. Like I said, I own a boutique.
Scarlett: Yep! How could I NOT go to public school and show off my awesomeness?:D But the kids tend to get so jealous. I shouldn't be surprised! Then again, maybe they don't like how I act...

19) Ever wanna marry and have kids one day?
Miss Butterfly: That's not something I'm thinking about at the moment. I don't need that.
Scarlett: Once again... EW!!! That's so not me! ...And WHERE do kids come from?! I try asking Daddy that and he just freaks out. It's weird..

20) Do you have any fangirls/fanboys?
Miss Butterfly: When people of the city say such nice things about me and always wants to be around me... how sweet! I love you, sweeties. :love:
Scarlett: Some kids look up at me! Others think I'm out of control.. but people like me! They think I'm an outgoing spider girl!
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