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Flaming green eyes by MissButterfly11
Miss Spider by MissButterfly11
Sally the ragdoll by MissButterfly11
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Sisterly rivalry by MissButterfly11
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What a purdy butterfly by MissButterfly11
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Ahh, this is one of my favorite holidays EVER. :love: Now it's 2 days before my birthday, too!!!:la:
Happy Halloween peeps! Hope your plans turn out well and you have some fun! I've got some plans myself. ;)

A Happy Halloween from Halloweentown
  • Mood: Euphoric
Birthday: 2 days
My birthday is on November 2nd, meaning it's soon. Go me!:la: Why a list so early you may ask? I prefer doing things early over late.

I decided to make a dA birthday list for my watchers who wanna make something for me but has a hard time deciding what to do can have an idea. Now here's something I wanna make clear: I'm NOT forcing anyone to make me anything, so please don't take it the wrong way. This is merely if you want an idea of what I'd like and I had some friends make b-day lists like this before, so why not? But again, this is only if you wish to. :aww: It's not something you have to do.

Well, here's a list of some things that'd be sweet to see on my birthday:
1) Anyone is TOTALLY allowed to draw my characters! If there's a specific character of mine that you like and you wanna draw, then go for it. If anyone wants to ask which ones are my favorites, Butterfly (My James and the Giant Peach fan character) is a great choice. She's not my only favorite though, I also love my other JatGP fan character Scarlett (Centipede and Miss Spider's OC daughter; optional if you wanna draw her with her parents) and I've grown a huge fond over my character Celia (Whose for the Nightmare Before Christmas, she has an interaction with Oogie Boogie where she always picks fights with him in case you wanna learn more. She's a lot of fun.) Anyone else you like and you wanna draw? Go for it. I even allow girls to cosplay as my characters if they'd like, this being an example of something someone to wear cosplaying as one of my characters: (NEW) Miss Butterfly cosplay options by MissButterfly11
And you are allowed to draw them with your own characters or with canon characters. Drawing me in cartoon form with my characters or just in general is fine as well. When it comes to drawing me, you can design outfits/dresses for me if you, stuff that you know I'd like. I even designed this outfit for myself as an example of something that's in my taste: My style (redesign) by MissButterfly11
2) As obvious as it is, I'm a James and the Giant Peach fan (It's my favorite fandom that I'm in); and I especially love Centipede and Miss Spider. Drawing one of the two for me or both of them together is something I'd adore. :love: And it's another option to draw me with the cast. Since I wrote something before of me with the cast, this is basically my looks for the story:
Diana and Danielle (JatGP style) by MissButterfly11 (I'm the girl on the left, but if you wanna draw me with my other friend in this picture, that'd be sooo sweet. :heart:)
3) This is yet another obvious thing, me being a Teen Titans fan. My favorite character is Starfire, favorite villain is Blackfire and favorite pairing is Beast Boy/Raven (Though I also enjoy Robin and Starfire as a 2nd favorite). Drawing any of them would be perfectly fine!^^ And for fans of my character Tigergirl, feel free to draw her as well. I made her a Teen Titan, so if you're wondering if you should draw her with a specific team member or the whole team, you are allowed to.
4) For my watchers who are KP fans and are wondering what to do for me, well the character I focus the most on KP is Shego and I looove her together with Drakken.
5) Yes, I am also a fan of Frozen, my favorite being Elsa. ^^ Drawing her or her together with Anna would be sweet. If you're wondering about other Disney princesses, I also love Rapunzel. Speaking of Disney, I've been getting fascinated by the idea of Big Hero 6 and I'm very curious about it, and so far I really find Honey Lemon's style sooo adorable. So she's acceptable. ^^
6) The Nightmare Before Christmas art is totally acceptable! I actually have a hard time choosing favorite characters. Jack and Sally are awesome, Zero is adorable and Oogie is WICKED!!!:XD:
7) Other fandoms I like you may ask? Well I love Rise of the Guardians (Jack Frost!!), Hotel Transylvania (Mavis!!) and many more things. Whatever you know I'd like is something you can go for. ^^ If you wanna do something where you draw a celebrity (It can be a portrait and them in cartoon form) my favorite is Ariana Grande followed by Selena Gomez. If you wanna know more people who I like, feel free to ask.
8) Do things have to be drawings only? Doesn't have to be. Anything like writing, avatars, videos (For YouTube), stamps, wallpapers and stuff is acceptable. Journal skins are fine too, but I'd only be able to use them when I have a PM, so not impossible.
9) UPDATE on 10/25/14: I just watched The Book of Life yesterday, and I loved these characters:

La Muerte and Xibalba. ^^

If you wanna ask any more questions on what other things/characters I like, feel free to ask and I'll answer. :) Once again, I'm not trying to force you guys into doing this, but it is simply a list to help you in case you wanna do something and have a hard time deciding.

In other news, I know I still have a few art trades and stuff I need to finish, so please bare with me. I promise I will get them done ASAP.
Ahh, this is one of my favorite holidays EVER. :love: Now it's 2 days before my birthday, too!!!:la:
Happy Halloween peeps! Hope your plans turn out well and you have some fun! I've got some plans myself. ;)

A Happy Halloween from Halloweentown
  • Mood: Euphoric


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:heart: It is in their nature to have fear of me by Ghost-Peacock I've sailed all the five seas by Ghost-Peacock CxS by Ghost-Peacock :heart: CentiSpider= OTP
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I noticed that you :+fav: my drawing of Sally! I wanted to mega thank you for that! I use my fanart in my videos where I sing one of my favorite songs from whatever fandom I'm nerding about via art and music. :) If you have the time and if you want to, click the link below to hear my cover of "Sally's Song" from The Nightmare Before Christmas. 
Sally - The Nightmare Before Christmas by keiko-artz
I have no inclination to bug or spam you. I just wanted to let you know that your support inspires projects like this video! Have a good day!…

- Keiko 
- P.S. *high fives fellow Raven fan* Aw yis... 
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